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Information About the Garage Door Springs

Having a properly working garage door is a must for every family. If you have just had a new one installed, checking its springs is an essential part of its maintenance. One thing is for sure if your door isn’t working well, its springs are the most common culprit to blame. Here is more information about them provided by a reliable garage door supplier:

  • What are garage springs? Probably this is the first question you ask yourself. They play a vital role in your door’s proper functioning. Their main purpose is to lift and douse it every time you use your remote control. Their job is a difficult one because they have to work against gravity all the time. They have to make your garage door light enough to be able to open and close smoothly. Tension springs are mounted directly above your door, while extension ones are above the garage door tracks. It’s their job to make it perfectly balanced.
  • What are the common signs of spring troubles? With the proper preventative upkeep, they will help your door open and close for a very long time. However, over time, age and airborne particles will take their toll. Normally, springs need to be rebalanced every now and then by a licensed technician. In order to check their condition, you can make a test. Pull your door to the mid-level position. If it stays like this without moving up or down, your springs are fine. Any movements after that indicate their urgent inspection and probably the following replacement.
  • What to do when your garage springs fail? Once this happens, you will know it. Your door will simply stop functioning properly and smoothly. Calling a professional garage door technician is the next thing to do. He will look at all its elements, such as the drums, cables, rollers, tracks, and your springs as well. Remember, DIY tasks here are not recommended as fixing them is dangerous.

Do want to know what to do when your springs go bad? Call the reliable garage door supplier in Arlington, TX – R&R Garage Services. We can be reached at (682) 257-8612!

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