Door Options from a Trusted Garage Door Supplier

Garage Door Options That You Might Want to Consider  

Planning to revamp your garage? If so, it’s important to think carefully about what additions you need to do to make your garage more functional. Not only that, improving your garage will increase your house value and boost curb appeal as well. Before you get excited about planning the design and paint color of your garage, you should decide the type of door you want to be installed. Your decision can be for personal preferences, security, or aesthetics. Whatever your reasons are, a garage door supplier has some options for you:

Swing type

Also known as the “side-hinged”, this type of garage door uses a steel hinge to open the door outward, which makes it unique unlike any other types of a garage door. However, this is only suitable for a garage that needs more space in the ceiling and that can accommodate huge vehicles in the drive-thru. Also, if you’re eyeing to make your garage as a workspace for your car, this is the type of garage door is best for you. If you want an electrically controlled swing type door, look for a reliable garage door supplier in your area.

Up and over

This garage door is one of the most efficient to utilize. Opening and closing this garage door is easy because it is lightweight. Aside from it’s affordable, it’s easy to install, too! One of the best features of this garage door is that it can fit any garage entrance, giving you the maximum space that you need in the drive-thru. Installing this type of door is challenging because of its complex mechanism. Make sure to hire a garage door installation expert if you’re planning to have this type of door.

Sectional Doors

One of the most preferred and popular garage doors is this one. Installing this in your garage will allow you to park two cars on both ends of the entrance of the garage. The door opens in a vertical path, providing you with space, unlike the swing type door. Design can range from classic to modern, and your garage door supplier can customize it for you.

Now that you know some of the most preferred and efficient garage doors, it’s time to decide. R&R Garage Services is the garage door services specialist in Arlington, TX that can meet your needs. (682) 257-8612 is the number to call.

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