Garage Door Repair Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Fixing Your Garage Door  

Garage doors are responsible for securing your premises from security threats. Constant use exposes it to serious issues like electrical and door opener problems. Maintenance keeps your garage door from any significant damage. Plus, there’s no pressure to replace them frequently. If you need someone to fix the door spring, you must book a garage door repair service.

Well-maintained garage doors also have their fair share of several recurring problems. People would perform repair works on them to save time and money. Fixing a damaged garage door isn’t easy but it can be done. Following a guideline can prevent further problems and injuries. Here are the top garage door repair mistakes that you must stop doing right now:

  • Not Using a Torsion Spring – Do you have a damaged extension spring that needs to be replaced? Garage door experts recommend that you should replace it with a brand new torsion spring. Unlike extension strings, they are highly flexible and lasts longer. You won’t have to replace them regularly like the other. Although torsion springs are more expensive, they’re worth every penny you have.
  • Not Using Lag Screws – Most of the time, you use nails to secure the frames of the garage door. It’s important to note that nails aren’t good at securing it properly like it should. In fact, it can’t withstand the regular opening and closing of the doors. The door frames will come off at any given moment. Lag screws are a better choice since they can secure the frames efficiently.

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