Helpful Information That Will Help You Choose Good Garage Doors

Questions Garage Door Dealers Get a Lot

There are a few questions that homeowners commonly ask the professionals selling and installing garage doors. There are surely many others that you may think of, but we have decided to help you and give you information that you will probably look for anyway.

A wood or metal door?

Each material has benefits, as well as drawbacks. Wood garage doors are preferred by many because of their natural warmth. Metal garage doors are a popular choice because they are low maintenance, whether they are made of steel or aluminum. Wood or metal, they are many options in different quality levels, so the choices are endless.

An insulated or non-insulated door?

It depends on the way you use your garage. Consider whether it’s detached or attached to the house and if the garage is heated or not. In case you have a room, like a bedroom over the garage, it would be best to have an insulated door. If you use the garage for more than just parking your car, it would be best to invest in an insulated door.

What’s the lifespan of a door?

Based on the quality of all the components and the type of the construction, a 1 ¾ inch garage door that’s injected with polyurethane foam should last for over 20 years.

A double door or two single garage doors?

On the practical side of things, two single doors are the better option. In case the opening mechanism malfunctions, you will be able to get at least one of the cars out. But from the aesthetic point of view, everyone has their preferences and you may like how a single door looks.

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