Types of Garage Door Materials Used in Garage Door Installation Service

Know More About Garage Doors  

All of us should keep in mind that before purchasing a car, we have to make sure that the garage has enough space for parking. One way to keep cars safe and secure is by installing a sturdy and durable garage door. Just like the front door and gates of your home, garage doors have different types as well. Here are the common types of doors used in garage door installation service.

1. Roller

It is the ideal garage door for properties with small driveways. Roller doors typically roll upward around a casing above its opening, which is being operated by a remote control. It has an auto-lock mechanism installed. Aluminum is the commonly used material for this type of garage door.

2. Up and over

You usually see this garage door in old establishments. It swings outward and up until it is parallel to the garage’s ceiling. The downside of this garage door is that it requires a significant amount of space in your property, which is not ideal for properties situated by the streets.

3. Sectional

It is somehow similar to up and over doors, the only difference of which is they way they’re being opened. It does not swing outwards. Instead, it is being pulled upwards using a pulling mechanism. Sectional doors will suit both residential and commercial establishments.

4. Swing Hung

Probably the easiest to operate manual door and work in garage door installation service that you should consider. It has similarities to a normal door which is hinged on the side and is attached to the door frame. But just like up and over, it also requires wide space when opening.

These facts will help you determine which garage door will suit best your property. If you are looking for a professional garage door installation service provider, R&R Garage Services is the company you should call in Arlington, TX. To know the rates we offer, call us today at (682) 257-8612.